(Remote) Seeking DSP dev for C++ impl. of ultrasound MODEM (from schematic/MATLAB designs)

(NOTE: This job itself doesn’t directly involve JUCE. We do use JUCE in our stack, but the JUCE layer is complete. On this account, I hope I’m not crossing the line in posting, and if so my apologies. However, this community represents one of the few places one might encounter engineers with sufficient skill in math/DSP/C++ and the post offers a member of the JUCE community to thrive, so I hope the posting is acceptable.)

C++ implementation of an ultrasound over-the-air MODEM design

We are seeking an engineer with a strong C++ and DSP skillset to join our team and build a cutting-edge ultrasonic MODEM.

  • Work from home, flexible hours, highly competitive pay rate with performance bonuses

  • Working for an established and successful start-up based in the USA (Denver)

  • Our team are first-class engineers and great people

  • The task is to create a C++ implementation from schematic/MATLAB designs (with freedom to evolve the designs)

  • We’ve finished phase 1 (low-speed, high reliability); you would be joining us for the start of phase 2(high speed).

  • Engine team comprises:
    (0) Project Manager (me, I’m from England, I made the original v1 MODEM)

    (1) A Digital Communications specialist (from Russia, living in England), who provides design schematics and MATLAB implementation.

    (2) A DSP/C++ engineer (Russian), who converts this prototype-code into performant C++ code.

    (3) A C++/fullstack engineer (Russian), who develops a multi-platform library which wraps/packages this engine.

  • Company founder is a programmer, the team comprises engineers from the top down.

About us:

CUEAudio uses ultrasound to transmit data via any sound-based media, allowing for offline/network-free data transfer. Our debut product is a synchronized smartphone light show, used at hundreds of major live events per year at major sporting events, concerts, and tours. Other applications include Automatic Content Recognition and synchronized second-screen broadcast.

Please contact pi AT pipad DOT org if interested!

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I can vouch that these are good people to work with! :nerd_face:

Hi Pi! :slight_smile:

Hey CPR,

Thanks for the awesome work you did for us recently!


Hi _pi,

I sent you an PM.

Please don’t dig up old threads for marketing reasons.

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