Remove anti-aliasing and rounded corners


I am looking for a way to remove the antialiasing while using drawText(), is there a way ? I need to paint small texts and the antialiasing just prevent them to be read easily.

Also any news on when we may expect non rectangular windows, I’d like to have rounded corners on my juce windows :slight_smile:


Unsure about the text, but it is easy to have non-rectangular windows, it all depends on how you draw it. :slight_smile:

draw the window ? :shock:

You mean a resizeablewindow being drawn ? Can you develop a little please :shock:

any component can be added to the desktop and act like a window. if you want to change the way the built in windows are drawn just change the lookandfeel.

and look at the hitTest method for how to mark which part of your window is transparent.

in the documentation it says that for components on the desktop, hitTest will be ignored.

do you guys have any code snippets about it ?

anyone ? :?

Send me a PM with your email, so I’ll send you a solution I using.

I took a look on how to do this. I tried to override the resizeable window and found out the GetVisibleAre method with the RectangleList. That sounded to be the solution, but what I expected to be transparent is black and not repaint by the system…