Remove Java dependent :)


JUCE should remove Java dependent, SF is now directly calls the Android native C++ header file.


Sorry, I don't really understand what you mean.. What is "SF"?


SFML, look here:

Fully realize the use of C++, no java code.


Yes, but it doesn't really make much difference, TBH. SFML still uses java/JNI internally to make all the system calls, the only main difference is that I've also added a single java class as a wrapper, because in earlier versions of the NDK there was no direct C++ access to windowing. I also think there may be a few things that still aren't available in pure C++, but at some point I would like to get rid of the java if possible!


Okey, maybe I don't like JAVA :)


I understand - I'm not a big fan of it either!


What language do not like questions, but a framework is best implemented in one language only.

I think, thank you!