Remove titlebar on DialogWindow or fully customisable AlertWindow?

Hi All!

I am trying to create a DialogWindow which has no titlebar, through a component which are explicitly laying out the elements in the window (a title, subtitle, textEditor, ok/cancel buttons). The functionality works, but I can’t seem to get rid of the titlebar. Lo and behold! AlertWindow! No titlebar! However, with AlertWindow I have a harder time understanding how to completely customising the layout (maybe I want a button in each corner or something otherwise equally mind-blowingly crazy!).

Which is the practice I should go for?

To me, DialogWindow is highly customisable, but has the infamous titlebar. AlertWindow however, has the basic functionality I need and NO titlebar, but is not as customisable as DialogWindow

Any thoughts?

Bear in mind, I’m still learning :slight_smile: