Reopen an introjucer file but some entries missing

Hi jules,

Dunno if this is happening to others. This might be a minor bug.

  1. I create, edit and save an introjucer project file for an audio plugin. In this file, I select all 4 formats and set the right path of vst, rtas, aax SDKs in the XCode and VS pages. Everything is fine.

  2. After a while, maybe after a reboot, or some period of time, when I reopen this introjucer file, everything still seems right but the VST, RTAS and AAX SDK paths entries are not showing on Xcode and VS pages.

Any trick to do with this?

thanks a lot

Have you removed the juce_plugin_client module from your project?

No, I haven’t. Just a simple reopening.

Well, the only reason why those properties wouldn’t be shown is if you’ve not got that module enabled.