Request: add a "forever" option to the ignore user options

I just realised I can block the users from CisIn, as I’m bored of seeing their spam on every job offer, but I can only block them for 4 months.
Would it be possible to get a “forever” option added? (assuming the forum software supports it)

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Yeah, we’ve been blocking and banning every email and IP address they use as soon as we see it, and the spam catcher stops a lot of it, but some still gets through. Not sure what else we could do…



and btw, it could be that anjn and andrew235 are also two usernames of that family…

I don’t think we need a “forever” option because as soon as you report a spammer, we’ll delete that user account completely!

The problem is that they just keep popping up and re-registering under different names, and often get around the filters.

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Perhaps the forum rules could be explicit that replying to job offers should be done via private message? Not that I’m confident such people would respect the rules, but you never know. :joy:

Yeah, I think that these agencies who get banned and then come back and repeatedly post the same thing under a new log-in multiple times… unlikely that they read forum rules!

But if you ban them, they will notice it by not being able to post with those accounts any more.
If you ignore them, they will post as usual without noticing anything. That may delay the time it takes for them to create a new account

Unless this is already installed on the forum for those pesky buggers…