Request: Can JUCE provide something like FileChangeListener?

Hi Ju!

  1. I’ve got a problem. I need to feel a listbox with file names and add/remove/rename the listbox items according to any file name changes within a directory. The same I wish to be available for directories too, but along with the subtree watching possibilities. This can be easily achieved by using the Win32 API functions but it would be a good extension to the JUCE framework as it supports multiple platforms.

  2. The question about the slider component. What must I do in order to be notified of changes only when a user releases the mouse button but not while he’s dragging the slider?

Yes, a file change listener’s on my to-do list, though a bit tricky because it needs cross-platform stuff writing…

And the slider thing is really easy - just respond to the sliderDragEnded() notification instead of sliderValueChanged()…

Thank you, Ju! You’re the best! :slight_smile:

Also I’ve found “setChangeNotificationOnlyOnRelease” function that can help me too. :slight_smile:

If you are going to be on windows only, then instead of using a file change listener (if it does not already use this method that is), you shoul setup a system hook listening for file events and update based on what they are rather then the more common polling the file data every so often.

Thanks OvermindDL1 for your reply but I already have that stuff implemented.

Just checking. :slight_smile: