Request for examples that use parameters outside of the (0.0, 1.0) range

I just discovered the new example projects in the examples/PlugInExamples folder. They look great! Especially the multi-out examples.

A request: Could the Juce folks add a plugin example, or modify an example, to have parameters that are outside of the 0.0 to 1.0 range? Most of us developer folks have our own ways of dealing with mapping the 0.0..1.0 range of VST to real world floating point unit,  so it would be nice to see how the "new" ways deal with similar issues. The new AudioParameterFloat, AudioParameterChoice, NormalisableRange, etc. classes look cool, but it would be great to see them in action in a plugin. Something like the Gain plugin, but with the gain expressed in decibels (-12 to +12). Such a plugin would make it easy to see how these new parameter methods work with VST 2.4, VST 3, RTAS, AAX, AU.


Sean Costello

Great idea. As an addition a log range (e.g. frequency [20 20k] with 632=sqrt(20*20k) instead of 10010 @ 0.5) would also be useful to easily supply nice automation for frequency parameters.

We have several examples that use those classes - you can just tweak the ranges manually if you want to experiment with them.