request : PopupMenu::headerBackgroundColourId

would it be possible to add a PopupMenu::headerBackgroundColourId 

and the corresponding filling within drawPopupMenuSectionHeader() ?

or not? :)

Sorry, didn't notice this post.. Sure, I'll have a look at that..

Not that it's specially urgent, no pressure, but I just got the feeling you forgot about that :)

I did forget! But looking at it now, actually I think the best plan would be just to override drawPopupMenuSectionHeader().. That's how you should implement any changes that stray too far from the norm, rather than me trying to make the base class versatile enough to handle everyone's needs.

sure, that's what I'm doing for now, overriding drawPopupMenuSectionHeader(), but I think it just would be usefull to have an additionnal PopupMenu::headerBackgroundColourId to use in there. but I sure can implement my own ID somewhere else if you think it's too far from the norm.. :(
no worries!