Request: Rectangle::translate/translated with Point support

Something along the same lines as AffineTransform's version:

    /** Moves the rectangle's position by adding a point to its x and y coordinates. */
    void translate (Point<ValueType> delta) noexcept
        pos += delta;
    /** Returns a rectangle which is the same as this one, moved by a point. */
    Rectangle translated (Point<ValueType> delta) const noexcept
        return translated (delta.x, delta.y);

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Edit: I do realise that the Point params don't take into account rounding - not sure of the best way to deal with that.

Also, there's no "select all" for code in the new forum...

Yeah, we might add a better code snippet handler in future, but wanted to just get the forum working for now.

You can use += and + to do those things, right?

Woops - Indeed I could! Ignore my request then!