Resampling positionable audio source, anyone?

I’m trying to make a positionable resampling audio source, but before my head’s gonna xplode while trying, has anyone done anything like this? That you’re willing to share, that is… :wink:

You can find it here. Anyway i’ve done also a PositionableMixerSource (so you can plug positionable streams into a mixer), and a SequenceAudioSource, which will mimics the MidiMessageSequence class but with audio events instead of midi messages… if you are interested i can upload them too…

Thanks Kraken, although that won’t work perfectly since the filters are IIR. When a repositioning is done, the filter states cannot be changed (since they must reflect the state at the new position) and there’ll be some artefacts from that. Since the time from my last post I managed to create a positionable audio source based on libsamplerate ( with the callback API, and it works pretty good so far (although I have some strange glitches when using the “best” quality SRC). Since the filters in libsamplerate are FIR, it doesn’t exhibit any repositioning artefacts.


Maybe I’m asking too much, but would it be possible to share your code ? I’m writing my first VSTi and would need such a class :slight_smile:



sure there will be some artefacts. but from my tests i’ve not experienced any annoying drawback in using it. anyway a resampling audio source based on libsamplerate would be cool to have… any means to share your efforts ?

3 years later and still no resampling positional audio source? :cry: :cry:

You don’t really need one, do you? Just take a normal transport source and feed it into a resampling source, and that should do the same job.