ResizableBorderComponent Request

Hey Jules, I see that you’ve recently revised the ResizableBorderComponent class and added the new Zone class, if you do go back to it and if it makes sense can you add some flags to control the sides that it can be resized on?

I’ve had my own copy of ResizableBorderComponent for a couple of years now and have four simple flags in it:

and corresponding get/set methods.

in my old ResizableBorderComponent::mouseDrag I checked the flags:

if ((mouseZone & zoneL) != 0 && _canResizeOnLeft) ... if ((mouseZone & zoneT) != 0 && _canResizeOnTop) ... if ((mouseZone & zoneR) != 0 && _canResizeOnRight) ... if ((mouseZone & zoneB) != 0 && _canResizeOnBottom) ...


I’ve got a few more changes to add to that class that might make it a bit fiddly - I’ll be checking something in today…

the post is quite old but it doesn’t seem that it has been added finally,
it would be great to be able to set which sides are editable (in my case i only want the bottom side to be draggable)

Can’t you just use setBorderThickness() to make only the draggable sides non-zero?