ResizableCornerComponent bouncy in tip


In the tip (9356a51) when using the ResizableCornerComponent corner to change the UI size the contents bounce up and down…  I didn’t notice this in the previous commit I was using (eed0a41).

This is on OSX and it appears that the content is redrawing with origin zero and not accounting for the title bar height. Changing the host to use Native Title bars and rebuilding the plugin seems to fix the issue.


Yep. Don't know any way to work around that - there's a timer that occasionally checks for the plugin having changed its window size, and when it does, the host updates itself to fit. Could increase the timer frequency a bit, I guess, but it'd be a waste to have it blasting away constantly checking when these windows rarely change size.

I’ll have to look at the source again… Just seemed fine (or better) before, and if it’s just the timer updating, why is it okay using the native title bar?



Probably just because with a native bar the sub-view is already at the origin, so the host doesn't need to jiggle it around to the correct position.