It is me again, sorry for the basic questions but I just want to make sure I am doing things correctly.

I have found that if I set a relative bounds on a Component using the setBounds(string) method if I later want to call setBounds(int, int, int, int) method it will not use the variables passed in unless I call setPositioner(nil) method first. Is this by design or am I doing something wrong.

I also want to animate a component but I find I have to setPositioner(nil) before calling animate.

It seems like if you do a hard coded setBounds that it should auto turn off the listener for the relative. Remembering the objects that you set as relative later on might not be something that I remember.


Good point… Mixing up positioners and normal bounds is probably going to lead to confusion, but yes, I think you’re right that it probably should clear the positioner when you set a normal position.

…actually, no, sorry… I’m talking nonsense. Since Component::setBounds is actually called by the positioner subclasses themselves to apply their bounds, it can’t clear the positioner.

Good feeback. Honestly there are not a lot of times that this is the case and in fact we only have 3-4 in a pretty complex UI. But I can definitely see as I progress that there will be cases later on that setting the bounds just does not work and I will not remember why :slight_smile: