Resizing of AUs plugin windows in Ardour

Some of my AudioUnit plugins don’t resize correctly when running in Ardour. I’ve been on to the Ardour guys and they’ve informed me that if the Cocoa View of my plugin GUI has autoresizingMask set to anything other than UIViewAutoresizingNone Ardour’s container will resize accordingly.

I’ve searched the JUCE code base for autoresizingMask but couldn’t find any instances of it. According the the Apple docs:

When creating a view, it is important to assign an appropriate value to the autoresizingMask property to ensure the view resizes correctly. View resizing primarily occurs when the orientation of your application’s interface changes but it may happen at other times as well. For example, calling the setNeedsLayout method forces your view to update its layout.

Any ideas where I can look, or try adding this? I’ve very little experience with the AU side of JUCE.

Not sure, haven’t come across that flag before… Is it an NSView thing?

Apparently so. The Ardour devs referencing the following pages:

Do you think this is something that could be added, or perhaps you could point me in the right direction and I can try it out first? As I said above, I’ve very little experience with Cocoa, so I’d need a little guidance :wink:

Don’t know - would need to do a bit of research to figure it out. I’ve added this to our backlog but if you can give us any clues or suggestions it’ll help speed things up…

I’ll get back to you if I figure anything out. It actually looks like LV2 might be a better framework for OSX plugin with Ardour, so I might explore that avenue first.