Resizing windows does not happen instantaneous for every DAW?

I’m relatively new to developing plug-ins with JUCE and came upon a little resizing issue.
At the moment I’m working on some plug-ins that require resizing, which I’d like to be done ‘‘instantaneously’’.
However some DAW’s seem to take more time when resizing, Live for instance takes quite a while.

I made a simple test with a button in the AudioProcessorEditor so that when it is pressed it wil resize the editor window to a random new size:

void buttonClicked (juce::Button* button) override
auto buttonID = button->getComponentID();

  if (buttonID == "Button")
  	//Randomize window size
  	setSize(Random::getSystemRandom().nextInt (200) + 100,
  		    Random::getSystemRandom().nextInt (200) + 100);


Any advice is welcome!