(resolved) Debugging standalone plugin takes forever to close; as VST in plugin host it doesn't


Has anyone come across this, and if so how to remedy it? I’m working on several plugins. One of them misbehaves when run as a standalone app in VS2017: when I run it in the VS debugger and I close it it takes forever (over 5 minutes). When I run it in debug as a plugin within the Juce plugin host it closes immediately. No errors, no compiler warnings, no leaks and debugging (breakpoints, inspecting variables etc) works fine. The plugin itself works fine too - even when running as standalone in the debugger - just closing takes forever. And it’s only this plugin - not the others I’m working on - those behave as expected and close immediately when debugging as standalone.

I’ve tried cleaning the solution and rebuilding; I’ve tried deleting ALL build files. Behavior stays what it is.

Any clues would be appreciated!



Have you profiled the standalone version in debug? That should tell you what functions are taking so long when the application is closing

Yeah - will try & get round to that tonight.

No idea what was going on - profiler came up with nothing. I ended up removing the whole build directory and re-saved the project in Projucer - after rebuilding standalone pluging exits immediately. VS2017 screwup I guess?