Resolving plugin locations

I noticed that when plugins are moved from their original position, and I load a song in my sequencer again, they will just not be instantiated. It would be good if the app would say “plugins cannot be found, please locate them!” and opens a directory browser. How can I easily add this?

BTW I’m using AudioPluginFormatManager::createPluginInstance (const PluginDescription& description, String& errorMessage) const, and I’m restoring the PluginDescription via XML.

I assume the problem seems to be that the file location of the plugin is used to find it in the KnownPluginsList, instead of some UID.

The PluginDescription has a field named ‘lastFileModTime’ (also kept in the XML) which is being used in:

bool KnownPluginList::isListingUpToDate (const String &possiblePluginFileOrIdentifier)  const

You can call it before instantiating the plugins.