Resource builder 0.1.5

There is a new release of the resource builder, starting to keeping
track of the versions (actually 0.1.5) as soon as i have to time to take on
this project again.

for now little changes but good ones that i need for automated builds:

  • projects files now saves relative (to their directory) paths for files, allowing to use jrc files from different computers (really a must have, why i didn’t manage to do this before ?)
  • added the output file name
  • added a command line switch “-c” to let it export silently the resources:
    writing “resource_compiler.exe myresource.jrc -c” in prebuild step of your ide (don’t reverse project name and -c switch order! i need to fix this asap) the resource .h and .cpp are generated automagically

the place is the same :wink:

I like, works well for making things, havn’t tested a compile with something made from it, but the structure looks correct. Nicely done.

I just made a program that parses a single directory a use choosees with a directory choose box, or parses through an entire directory and all subdirectory, for certain files and parses them to other things, adding such code to add an entire directory is simple with Juce. :slight_smile:

Mabye you could have an option as well to have the direcotries be the namespaces in which they reside, the directory you choose would be in whatever project namespace you set on the main screen as you have it, would make for a nice simple hierarchy.

i’ve updated the resource builder, and now it can save a resource building project in a jrc (just a renamed xml) file that u can recall and save easily. also you can drag and drop files and directories inside the window to add them in a glance, following overmindl1 suggestions… but the fact of having multiple child namespaces following the directory structure isn’t implemented… next to come is the user selection of directory scanning recursion, recent files display, last configuration save at exit, command line support (to let you use it the same as the default juce resource builder, or to open jrc files directly clicking’em), a better namespace editing, better StretchableLayoutManager usage and a better component displacing, finally for known file types it will be able to display/hear’em (images, texts, waves, fonts, etc…)…

p.s. the about box image and the text string error file are created using the resource_builder :smiley:


Looking quite nice. Few things though. When I open/save/whatever a jrc file, it always makes the default directory my firefox directory oddly enough, are you letting it use last chosen directory? Also, when I save a jrc file, I typed test into the name box and hit enter as I normally do, it made a file named test. You should set it up to auto-prepend the .jrc extension if not specified, I though the box could be setup to do that automatically? Nice so far on all else. I like the bar in the middle you can move back/forth.

mmh i just use File::getCurrentWorkingDirectory() from which you launched the application, but in this version there is the save of the last browsed directory persistently.

done :wink:

and now you can associate jrc files with it…

Very nice,

Just add command line and build each platform’s version and it could become a must-have for automated builds.

Also a feature you didn’t talk about : checking the date / checksum of the files to see if build is needed, so that it can be used during regular builds.

i’ve cleaned up a bit the beta3 of the resource compiler app.
there isn’t any other binary than windows one. since i have my linux box f****d up actually and i haven’t time to rebuild it in a short while, i’ll appreciate if someone making it compiles on linux and macosx, eventually giving me some fix for those platforms since i haven’t tested it on 'em…
in the while i’m writing a little manual and giving the possibility of use this as command line only…

new version. look at top post

Is there any reason that all I see is a colorful loading thing on the webpage?

EDIT: N/M, the idiom of using ecma_script/java/flash/etc… to enhance functionality of a page, but never replace it, was broken. Allowed the site to use ecma script and it works in other words…

i think you forgot to mention boost in your post :wink:

mmh overminddl what browser are you using ?

I use a variety of browsers. Firefox most of the time. Opera and Konquerer almost as often. Javascript/flash is disabled in all and only enabled on a site-by-site base. Read my edit in my previous post. :slight_smile:

“Never use ECMAScript(Javascript)/Flash/ActiveX/etc… to replace functionality on a webpage. If it must be used, then only use it to enhance functionality, never replace it. A site must never be completely dependent on any of those being available.”

that is 100% right for old style web coding. actually if you just runned into web2.0 you could easily state this to be wrong, cause now websites are not only web sites, but real applications. i think that if u have disabled js from every page… then you’re web experience is so poor… (prototype rules!)

I have got far too annoyed with it in the past due to far too many sites that it ended up just being easier to global disable it and enable it on a site-by-site basis. Besides, it is not that hard. All sites I program for follow that guideline perfectly, and I use javascript extremelly heavily, I just use it properly…