Resource Paths

Hi there,

Been using the Jucer a lot lately, on separate platforms, etc…
I have all my code in a nice clean directory structure, something along these lines:

Unfortunately, if I switch from Win32 to Mac and want to change or update an image resource, the absolute path has changed.
Would it be possible to maybe use relative paths, instead? They could be relative to the .cpp file in question, or the Jucer’s app file or… something? anything?

If i was just dealing with one or two images, it wouldn’t be a big deal… but I have one file that I’m using to collect images, and have about 30 in there. If i tweak a few in Illustrator, its very nice and easy to just say “Reload all”… but that doesn’t work with absolute paths.
Further, using an absolute path has obvious flaws when you introduce two or more developers into the mix…

enough complaining yet? :slight_smile:


Good idea, I’ll take a look at that soon.