Respond to unauthorized plug-in?

What is the proper way to respond to an authorization failure (i.e, copy protection, where the required license is not found)? Is it valid to return NULL from createPluginFilter()? I seem to recall that AAX, VST3, VST3 and AudioUnits all had different ways of handling that situation, and we need to know how to handle it in a JUCE plug-in. Thanks!

I can see that Cubase (9.5) and Logic Pro X both crash if I return NULL. So that doesn’t look like a very good option!

JUCE doesn’t offer a mechanism built in but most of the formats (certainly AU and AAX) have some way to return a result to indicate that the plugin isn’t authorised. However to be more consistent why not just prevent DSP processing and indicate the issue clearly in your own UI.

What we do is to simply put the plugin in internal bypass mode if not authorized, or the trial period has expired. You can then add a message encouraging them to get authorized. Just make sure you do not have a popup message that appears any time the plugin is loaded! This is very annoying and will tend to put users off your plugins.

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Those unauthorized errors aren’t use much (except some security solutions that wraps your plug-in…)

Keep in mind that those errors are very not user friendly imho.
On Pro Tools you’ll simply get a DAE Error with a number… very not user friendly.
AU also returns some error number and a word regarding authorization. but this is very not friendly.

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Thanks, everyone. Good thoughts. Will probably not even attempt to refuse to instantiate the plug-in, but had to gather the info before making that call.