Retina support for AudioProcessorEditor


I am not sure if this is really a "Audio Plugins" question:

Our AudioProcessorEditor uses only vector based graphic and I thought it should be rendered with a 2x resolution automatically on a HiDPI display. But with Cubase 7 it seems all graphics is just stretched but not rendered with the higher resolution.

So, I am not sure if the plug-in needs to do something special on HiDPI displays or if its just a Cubase bug. What to do?




No idea what Cubase must be doing to make that happen! Nothing in juce would render like that - either the host is capturing the window contents and drawing it stretched, or they've set some kind of flag that makes it non-retina enabled, but TBH both of those possibilities sound a bit strange!

thanks, Jules,

OK. within the JUCE plugin host it is rendered correctly!

So, probably something for Steinberg to fix: The App Info selects "Open in Low Resolution".