Retrieving AudioDeviceManager's Xml State yields null


Hey Guys:

const String error( masterAudioDevice.initialise (0, 2, 0, true) );

if (error.isNotEmpty())
	Logger::writeToLog("failed opening master audio device");

} else {

	XmlElement *k = masterAudioDevice.createStateXml();
	delete k;

It seems that k is null, although the empty string indicates that the deviceManager is succesfully initialized. Is this a bug in Juce or is there any work around? (I know I can create my own xml structure and poll the devicemanager / current device for the needed infos, this just seems such a beautiful method)


I think that’s actually doing what it’s supposed to. Until the user actually changes some settings, it’ll return 0 to indicate that it’s still in its default state. The reason for this is that you might want to change the default state that your app uses, and in that case anyone who hadn’t explicitly changed their settings would automatically start using your new default.