Return character in File path when building Zip file

Hi all,

I have found an issue where a carriage return character (\r) is added to some file paths when using File::getRelativePathFrom(). From my sample of about 4 files (not exactly statistically significant) this seems to be a file without an extension.

What I’m doing is this…

ZipFile::Builder zipBuilder;
Array<File> myFiles;
someDirectory.findChildFiles (myFiles, File::findFiles, true, "*");
//add files
for (int i = 0; i < myFiles.size(); i++)
        String path = myFiles[i].getRelativePathFrom (someDirectory);
        zipBuilder.addFile (myFiles[i], 0, path);

and one of the files in the directory is a Icon file which can be found in an Ableton Live project folder (which is what we are zipping). The path of this file (when inspected) ends in a \r character.

I have found that then in attempting to then uncompress the zip file on Windows, this causes a failure as when we get to ZipFile::uncompressEntry, the entryPath in that function contains the return character and this later causes the the entry to be unreadable and process fails.

I am not sure if this is something I am doing wrong in approaching this, or if it is a bug for certain file types (do we ever want a \r at the end of a file path?).

As a quick fix we added a small change to JUCE in ZipFile::uncompressEntry just after the entryPath is calculated on line 407:

if  (entryPath.endsWith ("\r"))
    entryPath = entryPath.dropLastCharacters (1);

I know we also should deal with the problem at source, but it seems to me this is (probably?) a harmless change to the ZipFile class to make it more robust to issues with the entries.

Let me know your thoughts,

p.s. - Final bit of context: the zip file was made on a Mac and attempted to be decompressed on Windows