Revision 348 broken (debug)

The newly added assertion in 348 breaks a debug build:

juce_mac_Fonts.cpp:402: error: 'MessageManager' has not been declared juce_mac_Fonts.cpp:426: error: 'MessageManager' has not been declared

Xcode config:

ARCHS = ppc i386 MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET_ppc = 10.3 SDKROOT = /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.5.sdk

PS: where is the proper place for bug reports? Is there some bugreporter like Trac somewhere, or should we use this forum?

Sorry! I was in the middle of tinkering with a few files. Should be ok now.

Yes, just post bugs to the forum, I’ve not got any kind of formal system in place.

Yet the support you provide is top notch! Makes one wonder…