Revision 689 linking problem?

Just updated to 689 for the fix for

(Thanks for the quick fix, Jules!)

But now I’m getting ‘symbol not found’ linker errors in my project for the following symbols:


I found the definition of these in juce_Desktop.cpp and, respectively, so I can’t figure out why the linker isn’t finding them.

Any ideas?

I made a small change to that function’s parameters - maybe you just need to do a clean rebuild?

Yep, I’ve tried clean builds of both juce and my project. Strangely enough, it works when I link against libjucedebug.a (no linking errors) but not libjuce.a

I opened jucedemo to see if it was working there and found that it’s not linking to a juce library at all, but rather including the entire juce source tree? Is that how we should do it for our projects now, too?

That really does just sound like you need to rebuild the juce release version.

Up to you whether you use the amalgamated version - it’s better in some cases, not for others.