"Right click" on iOS


This is rather embarrassing to ask since it’s such a basic feature, but how are “right clicks” (= touch and hold) handled in iOS?

I have a desktop app that has some context menus on right click that I’d like to show in the iOS version, but I am too simple-minded to figure out which callbacks I need to use (or if I need to roll my own solution with a timer, which I hardly believe).


Well, it’s not a “right click”, it’s a “long press”, but yes, you of course need to use a timer yourself if you want that behaviour, because how else could JUCE or iOS know whether your component considers a long press to be a special event? Many (most?) components wouldn’t want anything different to happen just because you’ve held a touch down for a couple of seconds.


Alright, just wanted to confirm this before I reinvent the wheel. Thanks for clearing that up.