Rotate the app for iphone/ipad

Thanks Jules, can’t wait to fiddle with this!

This works very well. However, I sometimes get a crash when I tilt the iPad before the splash screen disappears. I will give more meaningful feedback soon. For some reason, my app is not compiling in debug mode, due to some save and restore functions missing at link time. Don’t know if anyone has experienced this.

BTW, this seems to be working well. Need to do some thinking to get things to look right in two orientations, but it’s all predictable. Thanks Jules.

Actually, now I think about it, can I add a Jucer II feature request - some way to change a layout depending on device/orientation? That would be if there’s still some business code in the designed components. To avoid duplication, it’s nice to do slightly different things on, for instance, Mac, iPhone, iPad and rotated versions. Notably, a Mac/iPad interface needs to be stripped down to fit on an iPhone. If you’ve moved all business code out and have multiple layouts with just GUI, then making another layout per device/orientation would be fine.


For the new jucer, something I want to do is have different layout “states” for a component, so you’d be able to design different states for different orientations, and have it flip between them (probably animating the transitions too).

Great, that’s the ticket!