What are the steps between the jucer and the contents of the AudioUnit rsrc file?  

I've got a problem with the wrong data turning up in mine...

Looking into it...

Well, it certainly doesn't understand that the rsrc file needs to be updated if the AppConfig.h file changes.  But I can't replacate the problem of bad data surviving choosing Clean any more.  


If you ever need to edit the rsrc files outside of build process, I'm nearly done reverse-engineered the format to a class that can change/edit existing files.


Changing appconfig.h should build a new rsrc file, as the juce_AU_Resources.r (which is build as a carbon resource) is dependent on it.

Xcode Clean is a must prior to building...

The rsrc format can be modified with

Keep in-mind though that newer AU hosts uses the xml/plist data instead (so far I've only seen Apple's utilizing the newer format).