RTAS again


It seems JucePlugin_Desc is not used anywhere ? What was it’s meaning originally ?
Could it be used in RTAS wrapper, instead of a 4 char striped version of JucePlugin_Name, to display a custom (an meaningful) short name in protools mixer ?

static String createRTASName() { return String (JucePlugin_Name) + "\n" + String (JucePlugin_Desc); }
Any problem with that ?
Because I have 2 plugins :

  • ClassicTone-PEV
  • ClassicTone-560
    and they both show ‘CLAS’ in PT mixer without that mod.
    Using JucePlugin_Desc I can name them CTPEV & CT560.
    Why was there 4 char only, is there a special limit to not overload ?
    I see some other manufacturers use 5 and even 6 in the case of altiverb.

Thanks for any advice,


Er, yes, I think that’d be a good idea. I can’t think of a reason not to do it, anyway! Anyone know of any problems this might cause?

RTAS lets you specify an arbitrary number of short names separated by \n. There is no magic in a 4-char name, though that is the smallest display used by some external control surfaces.

Note that up until recently (PT 9 maybe?) the name displayed in the mix and edit channel inserts was based on the long name, shortened as necessary by PT by dropping spaces, then vowels, then truncation… the manufacturer-provided short names were ignored except for external control surfaces.

PT10 (and 9 I believe) use the provided short names if available.


I fixed this issue based on suggestions in this forum. Instead of finding the posts, I’ll just tell you what I do.

In JucePluginCharacteristics.h, I add the following line, with the short strings desired for my plugin listed separated by \n:

In juce_RTAS_Wrapper.cpp, I change the createRTASName() function, to read as follows:

static String createRTASName()
     return String (JucePlugin_Name) + "\n" + String (JucePlugin_Name_Shorts);

Works like a charm now, with nice small names displayed in the insert windows. I need to check and see what the displayed name is in PT 7.4.

Sean Costello

Very cool, thanks !

if Jules would add this to the library it would be even cooler. (would prefer not to hack introducer each time, nor get these custom fields overwritted by introjucer)