RTAS and File SpecialLocationType

After getting my plugins working in AU and VST, I’ve finally come to the joyful land that is RTAS (my voice is dripping with sarcasm). I’m currently using Juce 1.46 and am using the PT_73_SDK. At the moment, I’m working with Pro Tools LE 7.4.

The plugin is now loading into Protools, but at least some of the file SpecialLocationTypes aren’t working. I’ve used currentApplicationFile to find the code bundle so that I can pull out a few things I need. It’s worked fine up till now, but in RTAS it’s failing the File:exists() test. Same thing is true for currentExecutableFile. Is there something magical I need to do, or is this a known issue?

Thanks of course for any nudges in the right direction.

It might be something that’s been fixed since 1.46, but it’s the

#if defined (JucePlugin_CFBundleIdentifier) juce_setCurrentExecutableFileNameFromBundleId (JucePlugin_CFBundleIdentifier); #endif

line in juce_rtas_macutilities.mm that sets this up…