RTAS Automation of Buttons

I have an RTAS plugin with buttons that I would like to automate. Since no one else appears to have asked this I’m guessing I’ve missed something obvious about how buttons work.

My automation graphs for the buttons look like a sawtooth so I end up with a range of values between 0 and 1. The actual automation is working in that the state of the buttons is collected and played back, but the data points need to latch on or off.

Is there an example of how to automate a button correctly?


I want to bump this. Right now, my plugin has its sliders automating properly (at least in the version I am working on today), but doesn’t have the combo box or text button automation reflected in the GUI.


Sean Costello

automation of anything is done the same way. You get values -1.0 to 1.0 with float precision, map any value to any item in your combo or any state of your button, toggle buttons are simple 1/0 true/false, combos are trickier but also very simple. I myself wrote me a wrapper for combo toggleButtons and sliders to do this automagicly.

Hi, I only just saw this thread so this might come too late but…

I had the same problem a couple of months ago. The only way I could find to solve it was to make a small change to the Juce RTAS wrapper. Basically, for Pro Tools to treat your button as a button (a discrete control rather than a continuous one), the wrapper method JucePluginControl::GetControlType() needs to return kDAE_DiscreteValues instead of kDAE_ContinuousValues. How you arrange for that to happen for your discrete controls is up to you!

Hope that helps,


Disclaimer: I’m still using a hopelessly out of date version of Juce, so it’s possible that this may all have changed since about two years ago!Will update soon…