RTAS : 'Component' and 'Point' symbol ambiguity


I’m sure I already read something about this somewhere, but I could not find where !

‘Component’ and ‘Point’ (as well as T() macro) cause symbol ambiguity, as they are used in both juce and digidesign libraries.

What is the right way to solve this ?



Are you actually getting build problems? I’ve had no trouble compiling it…


The demojuce compiles fine also here.

However as there is a lot of tricks for RTAS I figured that my new project (built from the demo) just missed something , and I was pretty sure I read something about this before… I would have to redo everything from example project, and as my project is pretty big it could take a while…

as example, alturasource\ppc_h\components.h has also a definition for ‘Component’ : ComponentRecord *Component (line 220)



It took me long to find the problem !

One of my own file is was actually called “RESOURCES.H”, same name than in PT SDK !

Thanks ,