Rtas include directories!

As people that have done rtas versions know there are many include directories to set up with the pro tools sdk. What approaches have people used on win? On mac there is a project setting xcode config file that has them all in it, but how do you define this type of thing with visual studio?

Andrew Simper

Ok, I found out a way to define user macros, finally. This was the include path can be specified just like on mac, relative to $(WinBag) which you set to the relative path you need.

You do this via property sheets. In visual studio (2008 express) View->Property Manager, right click on your plugin project->Add New Property Project Sheet, give it a name, then double click on it, Common Properties->User Macros, Add Macro, Name WinBag, Value relative path to the WinBag folder from your project file.

Easy huh?

Andrew Simper