RTAS redraw and preset problems

Ok, thanks. In fact, I think the setText (…, false) is fine anyway.

@eboy : about your compare RTAS issue, we once get a problem making it working and may be our solution could apply for you case as well.

We used a non-textual plugin id (something like 0x12349876, instead of ‘plug’).

What we didn’t know is that Pro Tools devise a file name from the plugin ID to store the compare data.
So if you are using something in the plugin id that’s not valid inside a file name, the compare feature fails.

Has the offset bug been fixed in Juce v1.46? If not then when is Juce v1.47 going to be ready? If Juce v1.47 is not ready now is the current tip safe for production code? If so can someone please name some plugins currently using the tip that are on the market with demo version that I can double check all is well?

Andrew Simper

The tip is very stable at the moment, but I can’t seem to find a good time to put the 1.47 label on it… I’ve been wanting to do so for a few months, but there always seems to be just one more little thing to do…

Great, I’ve grabbed a copy and have been merging away with the async popup menu and dialog box stuff, as well as a few changes to the vst speaker handling. I’ll let you know how it all goes with building the demo plugin and running it up in Pro Tools 8 CS2.

Andrew Simper

@eboy: did you ever manage to fix your compare RTAS problem? I’m getting exactly the same thing (compare button always greyed out even when changes have been made). Very frustrating because I know I had compare working in the past so I must have changed something that’s broken it. I know it’s a long shot but do you have any ideas what might break this?

@rbocquier: do you know where Pro Tools stores the file containing compare data (on a Mac)? I’d like to try deleting that just to see whether I’ve confused it by changing the plugin ID or something like that.

Anyone else have any ideas about this? Sorry, I know this thread’s a bit old but I’m getting desperate with this one!


Hello Bennie,

No I don’t know where Pro Tools stores its files.

On the other hand, there is post about this issue (weird character in plugin ID) posted last week on the Digidesign developer site.

Looks for “Plug-in string and ID restrictions”.

Thanks for that. Unfortunately it doesn’t solve my problem as I wasn’t using any illegal characters or anything. Was worth a try though.

By the way, I’ve just noticed that the compare button on PPMulator is always greyed out too. Not that it particularly matters in PPMulator as you never really need to compare two different sets of settings but I thought I’d mention it. I do have to admit to using a rather old version of Juce. I’d been hoping to sneak out a release before upgrading…


Ah, I’ve figured this out now. Like a lemon I hadn’t hooked this up so of course it wasn’t working. Thanks again for your help.

@eboy: if you’re still having trouble with this let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction.