RTAS Timer Issue

Hello all,


I have a RTAS plugin that I have created, however I am having timing  issues. The first time I load the plugin into Pro Tools LE 8, the startTimer(50) function is never called. But if I close the plugin and reopen it again, then the timer starts running,but never on the first time. Does anyone know why this does this?





IIRC, starting threads or timers from the processor’s ctor can lead to such behavior as the JUCE GUI stuff (and thus the message loop) hasn’t been set up.


I'm starting the timer at the end of the JUCE Editor constructor. Would that cause a problem?




Can you please provide any details about that?

I've searched the forum and can't find anything.

I'm having some RTAS problems that looks very similar to thread and timer initialization.

May be you know some kind of common pattern for starting timer or thread in plugins made with juce?