Rtas & vs 2012

Anyone get this combo to work yet?

Just tried creating a new Introjucer VC 2012 RTAS plugin and get a few errors…

First was fixed by adding the path:


to the Include directories… but I’m still getting a redefinition of int32_t… I suspect it may be the order of the headers…

(VST & AAX compiles fine)

Any ideas?



Got rid of the redefinition by adding: _STDINT to the preprocessor defs…

Strange thing is it’s trying to use the Apple code even though the preprocessor settings look right…


I am getting the exact same issues, with VS 2013 and JUCE 1.4. Has anyone had the same issue and solved this yet?

See http://www.juce.com/forum/topic/just-cant-build-rtas-windows


Yes, I just found that too - thank you so much! It worked like a breeze.