RTAS wrapper question

I have a problem with the RTAS wrapper.
For some reason internal to my plugin the method touchAllParameters called in attachToWindow crashes PT.
When I comment it, I have no crash and my plugin seems to be correctly initialized.
I think I know what is the problem and I could solve it but it will take very much more time than just commenting this method :wink:
So my question is, what is the purpose of this method and is it really needed?

Thanks in advance

I’m pretty sure it’s necessary.

If there’s a crash in your plugin but not in others, you need to find the real cause of the crash. If you’ve got a bug in your code then simply removing that line in the hope that it’ll avoid the problem is a very bad approach!

I agree with you that it is a bad approach.
I just wanted to understand what was the purpose of this method in order to know if I could do it in an other way.
So if you think it is necessary, I will try to fix my problem.