runModalLoop and setUsingNativeTitleBar is not working

Hi Jules,
I m creating one window to show the dialogue box and making “setUsingNativeTitleBar” as true. Window has only close button.
I use “runModalLoop” method to make the window modal.

Now if I press close button the callback to the “closeButtonPressed” is not being called. But the callback happens when the title bar is not the native one.

This is in Mac leopard machine. And when debugging the code I found out that “isEventBlockedByModalComps” has the condition

if (w == 0 || [w worksWhenModal])

        return false;

The “worksWhenModal” is false by default. This should return true when the native title bar is set.
Can u please rectify this issue.

Thanks, that is a bug, though it’s nothing to do with the code that you’re quoting there. I’ll get it sorted out imminently.

Is the fix available in GIT??