Running on 10.5.8

Hey guys,

built an app with almost-latest-juice, compatibility set to 10.5 and tested it on 10.5.8.

got this error when launching the program:

dyld: Symbol not found: __NSConcreteGlobalBlock Referenced from: /Applications/..../ Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib

Rather annoyingly phpBB doesn’t allow you to search for strings longer than 14 chars so searching for NSConcreteGlobalBlock doesn’t work. Damn you phpBB!

any ideas?

  • Bram

Are you using the 10.5 SDK as well ?

I’m not, I’m using the 10.7 SDK.

If you selecting the 10.6 or 10.5 SDK (which I do have installed) in xcode 4.5.2 you get into all kinds of trouble with arclite.
I discussed this in here:
Actually… interestingly the errors I get when I do refer to __NSConcreteGlobalBlock!

I switched to using 10.7 with 10.5 compatibility as Jules suggested, but… this means that the app is no longer running on 10.5. perhaps Jules is using these settings but hasn’t really tested this in 10.5? I’ll add a message in the other thread too.

  • bram

Olivier helped me a bit more and … I can now build with the 10.5 base sdk in xcode 4.5.2…
The solution is this xcode switch:

Which I found because these guys -Olivier linked to- were having the same problem:

It looks like this switch needs to be added to the introducer!

I’ll also let Jules know about this.

  • Bram