Running under Big Sur causes graphics issues

We have someone testing our JUCE-based plugins in the Big Sur beta, and we’re seeing some graphics issues in all components that do “live” drawing (i.e., updating their displays during timer callbacks). It’s as if the component’s backgrounds aren’t clearing themselves before we draw to the graphic contexts in the paint() functions, so drawing a rubber-banded line, for example, leaves “trails” as you drag.

This only happens in OS 11. I don’t know if it’s code we need to fix, code in JUCE that needs to change, a problem with the DAW(s), or if it’s an inherent problem running our Intel-built plugins under the new OS.

Anyone else seen this?

What version of JUCE are you building against? I’ve seen some odd graphical issues using older versions of JUCE. Simply updating to the latest version fixed them.

Hmm… that’s quite strange…

But – the default behavior is to draw ontop of the previous graphics context, are you sure filling the background color before drawing?

For example to get “cool” or “trippy” fading lines you may fill the background context with a semi alpha color before drawing so the previous context slowly fades out.

It wouldn’t make much sense – as if that was the issue it would likely be happening on all versions, but it’s bitten me a few times forgetting to fill or “clear” the context before repainting

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Ah, that’s probably it. Those plugins are on 5.3.2 still. Thanks!