Runpremake fails

Running premake like this:
premake4 --file=juce_premake.lua --cc gcc --target gnu
generates this output
…menter/engineering/JUCE/build/linux/juce_premake.lua:2: attempt to index global ‘project’ (a function value)

It doesn’t work at all by the way if I do not add “=” between file and juce_premake.lua

But what is wrong in the first example?

I also have to say that I am able to run the demo using the make file. Just had to correct a member name index to inputIndex in line 253566

you should use premake 3 not 4. the juce lua scripts have not been updated to the lastest version of premake.

Thanx Kraken

You are right version 3 of premake solves the problem