Sampler works fine on windows but crashes on mac just by leaving it open for few seconds

Hi everyone,

I’m having this wierd behavior from mac machines when i launch my multitrack sampler plugin:

-Just leaving the plugin open would make appear the wheel after few seconds and make me force the daw to close.

Wierd thing is that i used it for month on many different windows machine and different daws, i also could open 260 instances with no issues.

I first tough of mac machines or Os compatibility but it appears the plugin would crash on every Macs.

Would any body got a clue there?

Thanks a lot!

Have you debugged it to see where it’s crashing?


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No clue for now…

Wierd thing is that it doesn’t show any crash message crash message, only stucking the host and displays the wheel after leaving the plugin open a few minutes.

The plugin may be leaking… i don’t know

turn off the GUI to see if it’s an audioProcessor thing. return false in hasEditor().

then find out if it always happens at the same interval. if yes try changing the sampleRate. if it still happens you know it’s a dsp thing. if it’s irregular try to comment out everything in processBlock and add it back in one by one to test where there’s the issue

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Thanks a lot! Well there was a font issue at the end…declaration was working under window but was causing that crash under mac.

Thanks a lot :wink: that was a long night.