Samples or frames?


Simple terminology question: PlaybackInitialisationInfo has a field called blockSizeSamples. Is that the total number of samples in the block, or the number of audio frames?

In other words, if I would get a blockSizeSamples of 1024 in a stereo plugin, is that 1024 samples in the block (512 samples per channel) or 1024 frames (1024 samples per channel)?

(It seems like there is no global consensus regarding the definition of a sample in a multi-channel context, some distinguish between samples and frames but far from everyone. So the more general question would be: what is the naming convention in the Tracktion Engine; what does a “sample” generally refer to?)


It’s always the number of frames. We never have interleaved audio, so each buffer is always blockSizeSamples long. If it’s stereo, then there will be two buffers.