Samplitude Pro X3 resizing loop

Resizing the VST3 JUCE Demo Plugin in Samplitude Pro X3 (I’m using (DC2)) using either the corner resizer or by just dragging the window edge sends the plugin into an infinite resizing loop, effectively crashing the host.

The problem occurs when building the demo plugin from the latest master or develop tip.

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Hi @Clarke, I’m probably just too dumb but how do I load the VST-3 version of the JUCE demo plug-in in Samplitude? :slight_smile:


Hi @fabian,

  1. Ensure the plug-in is present in the “C:/Program Files/Common Files/VST3” folder.
  2. Open Samplitude, creating a new project with the default settings.
  3. Press ‘Y’ to open System/Audio settings window.
  4. Under ‘Effects’ select ‘VST / ReWire’.
  5. Check the ‘Scan system VST folders’ option and click ‘OK’. It will now scan for plug-ins. The status bar at the bottom of the main window should show which plug-in is currently being scanned.
  6. On a track, open the combo box labelled ‘PL’ and under ‘VST FX’ select ‘JUCE Demo Plugin (VST3)’.
  7. If the plug-in GUI isn’t already open, right-click the combo box text to open it.

Hope this helps.


OK. Thank you!

This should be fixed on develop now.

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