Saved state of LV2-plugins doesn't seem to work

I’ve downloaded the free Hammond organ plugin setBFree from It’s an Lv2-plugin available for most OS:es incl Windows.

It sounds really good, but it’s settings/state won’t be restored, at least not when using the AudioPluginHost.

If I change some settings, like turning on the percussion, and alter some drawbars like this:

And save it, upon restoring (closing and restarting the app) it always returns to the same default setting like this:

In the debugger I can see that the state is set twice via setStateInformationImpl(), once from prepareToPlay
where its default look is set and once later on when the saved state is read from the saved settings file.

If I comment out the first of these calls, at line 4416 in juce_LV2PluginFormat.cpp,

//setStateInformationImpl (mb.getData(), (int) mb.getSize(), ConcurrentWithAudioCallback::no);

the saved state is happily restored, with percussion on etc. In other words, if I skip the first state initialization (the one with default settings) and only sets the state from the saved settings, everything looks fine and dandy.

Could this be a bug in the juce LV2 plugin implementation or in the AudioPluginHost or in the hammond setbfree plugin? Or is this plugin just not windows compatible?

I’m using Windows 11, by the way.