ScopedLowPowerModeDisabler is great, it got rid of App Nap.
I found I had to add NSActivityLatencyCritical to make all resources available to my app again.

NSActivityUserInitiatedAllowingIdleSystemSleep | NSActivityLatencyCritical

When running with low buffer and hi SR, I had problems with my app starting to crackle when running in the background. In activity monitor I could see that this happened when App Nap kicked in.
Adding ScopedLowPowerModeDisabler got rid of app nap, but I still could hear the crackle.
Adding NSActivityLatencyCritical made it run fine in the background.

I understand that NSActivityLatencyCritical is not always the right way to go, but is it possible to add it as an option to ScopedLowPowerModeDisabler?