ScPlayer(Network Music Player) using DrowAudio and Juce

I have this ScPlayer tool implemented using Juce(Jules) and DrowAudio(dave69). Thanks to both for providing such a good facility. Also I am thankful to other developers for their help.

This tool also show very nice use of Modern Dock System created by MaxProd. Thanks maxProd.

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Let’s first see in which scenario this tool can be useful.

If you are bunch of friends or developers or people seating in medium sized room, and You have only one speaker shared between few machine, you have songs stored at some network place or you can share them on network. But still only one machine can play music and the person is handling that machine has to manage player, and no other machine user can listen songs of their choice … ? Hammm This Tools will be useful to you. check out the following scenario requirement Image…

Following are screenshots for the application …

So How to use ScPlayer :

Just Start the ScPlayer-Server, press Red button in top panel, that will start your Server. Server can add any songs either network or local machine’s songs. Player has other basic functionalities too, like play/pause, create playlist, add/edit playlist, forward and rewind, next /previous songs, song seeking.

Start ScPlayer-Client on network machine, In first time you will be added to server, And once your rights are granted client is able to manage Server Music player. Client can add network songs only. Client only view songs after connection but once client acquire lock it can change music from playList, add and delete songs from playlist, next and previous song, play and pause also.

Thank you friends, Your feedback are welcome.


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