Screenshots wanted for new juce website


I’m currently in the process of putting together a new website to replace this rather tired old thing (hopefully an initial version will be ready within a few weeks), and think it’d be nice for the home page to show a gallery of screenshots of cool-looking apps that people have written using juce… So if any of you fancy getting your handiwork on the front-page, please point me at a suitable screenshot!


Here are a few ones:


[quote=“luis”]Here are a few ones:[/quote]

Awesome :slight_smile:



Also awesome! :slight_smile:



Even more awesomeness! I’ll choose the most superficially whizzy-looking pics from all of these sets, thanks!



A little different . . .


Nice! This is going to be a pretty impressive gallery!



I ended up not using that color scheme.

Real screenshots:

Sean Costello


Here’s Melodo:


More great stuff, thanks guys!


My homework. :wink:
It’s still in development…


Inspiration is not really that good looking, but I won’t say the same thing for our upcoming new plug-in :




This is turning into quite an epic list, thanks again everyone!


All Arturia software since Jupiter-8V :slight_smile:
Here are some of them: (as well as all the other Spark products)


Ok, one more for your collection:

#20 : :