Seeking a software developer with experience in creating MIDI VSTs

Seeking a software developer with experience in creating MIDI VSTs

This is your opportunity to help create a completely innovative MIDI VST.

I have the developed idea for a totally new type of VST to treat MIDI data in a new way. I’ll take you through the product’s functions step by step, you’ll write the code.

Our target market is huge… Every DAW user that uses MIDI to create or perform music of any style. Professionals, amateurs… the lot!

This VST will be made to be usable on PC and Mac, and with every DAW.

We will meet regularly on Zoom, talk, share screens and files.

Project length:

The VST will be created, developed, thoroughly tested and ready to go to market worldwide in a maximum of 52 weeks.

I expect that we will have a basic ‘proof-of-concept’ version within several weeks of commencement. During this phase, work will be full time.

I will demonstrate this version to the investor, after which I expect that we will work to add more features, refine, test, and develop the appearance etc to produce the final commercial product. Workload and hours required will vary as required during this time.

You will need:

Strong communication skills in English

Fluency with C++ and JUCE Platform

Experience in using DAWs (knowledge of several types and willingness to learn about others)

Competency with both PC and MAC is a must. Ideally you will know something about all major platforms and computer types that run DAWs and MIDI

Ability to play a major role in Beta testing

A strong work ethic and creativity in solving coding challenges. We are creating something that has never been done before, but it’s all very achievable

Additional desirable qualities:

Preferably, you will be a keen DAW and MIDI user yourself, with some knowledge and experience of what our users will want and enjoy

Previous experience in creating MIDI based VSTs

Good general knowledge of the ‘basics’ of music, music terms, harmony, scales, common instruments, and their ranges

An ability to assist with the security and sales components of the product website would be great, but is not mandatory

This is your opportunity to be the lead programmer in a project that will set the DAW/MIDI world alight!

If you think you have the skills and the passion, I’d love to hear from you!

Please send your expression of interest in a letter explaining why you are the software expert I need, examples of or links to relevant work, together with details of your availability and how much you charge per hour to the email address below.

Shortlisted applicants will be required to sign a standard Non-Disclosure/ Confidentiality Agreement after which we will have a chat in a private ZOOM meeting.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Ralph Rosenfield


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